1st day in Hong Kong

posted Aug 13, 2010, 4:56 PM by Charles Boling
After both of our flights being delayed an hour or two, we finally arrived in The Big City at about 8:30 AM Friday.  The first thing we did was figure out how to get to the mission home near the temple so that we could deliver a small package from one of our ward members to a sister serving here.  We hopped on the MTR's luxurious Airport Line to get off the island where the airport is, then transferred to the not-quite-as-luxurious line (except for the airport line, the rest of MTR's trains are more like your typical city transit system no plush seating, and packed with most people standing up) that took us close to the=temple.  We had lots of fun hauling our luggage around in the heat.  Naturally, it was raining when we emerged from the station, which meant that our stuff was getting wet while we steamed in the hot sun!  Fortunately, not too far from the station, we ran into a an older couple that worked in the mission office, and they took the package, saving us from having to hike the rest of the way.

We then went to our hotel to drop off our luggage.  Not having a real map of the transit system, we got off at North Point, which was much further from our hotel than necessary, so we got to drag our luggage a rather long way through the hot city.

I just realized that I'm writing much more than I intended; Michele spent a lot of time writing in her journal last night, much of which can probably be copied here.  So I'm going to quit and save the rest for another entry.