Saturday Evening

posted Aug 17, 2010, 12:31 AM by Charles Boling   [ updated Aug 17, 2010, 5:18 AM ]

We headed back to the hotel and cooled off and figured out what to do next. We headed out on the MTR to Victoria Bay. There was a light show and ferry ride that we wanted to see. By the time we got there unfortunately, the tickets were sold out. The walk from the MTR station to the bay was significantly longer than we had anticipated. So we bought tickets for the ferry ride an hour later.

There was a bank that was in one of the sky scrapers near there that we had read about online, that had a great observation deck near the top. So we walked over there from the pier we had been at (took us about 25 minutes of walking) but when we got there the “guard” indicated in broken English that we (tourists) weren't allowed up there. We were disappointed, but like everything else, the walk, besides being good exercise, allowed us to soak up even more of the Hong Kong aura. So we hiked back to the pier. By missing the first ferry ride we missed most of the light show. The light show consisted of sky scrapers on each side of the bay lighting lights in interesting patterns up and down them. Michele took a few pictures – hopefully they turn out. They also had colored lights shining from the shore lighting up the buildings in alternating colored patterns. There was a certain radio frequency you could turn to and listen to music that matched the patterns of the lights.
The ferry ride was rather dull – it lasted an hour and we were both quite finished when it was over! Our last ferry ride was during our honeymoon when we sailed up to Victoria from Seattle. We weren't all that thrilled with ferry riding that time either. We both agreed that a cruise was never going to be a tempting option. We both like variety and being able to “experience” not just watch as things go by. After the ferry ride we had the long walk back to the MTR station and then the train ride back to the hotel and then the walk from the station to the hotel. We stopped for dinner at a restaurant between the station and the hotel. The food was much better here than where we ate at lunch. The prices for eating out tend to be about a third to half of what they are in the states. After dinner we came home and packed and finally got to bed a little after 1:00 a.m.